Porcelain Crown

Porcelain Bridge 


Porcelain Crown & Porcelain Bridge

Crowns or caps cover damaged teeth to restore its original shape. Crowns protect and strengthen tooth structure where fillings or other types of restorations are not suitable. 

A dental bridge is a fixed or removable appliance with artificial teeth to replace missing ones.



Fixed bridges

Missing teeth can have a negative effect on both the oral health and the personal confidence. It can be hard to chew, and in some instances may affect the speech too. If the space is not properly filled the other teeth gradually shift and misaligned.

Tooth loss happens for many several reasons:

  • Severe gum disease

  • A split tooth that can not be fixed

  • Structural loss beyond repair

  • Accidents

Regardless the reason for tooth loss, it is possible to fill the space. This has many benefits:

  • Prevents tooth shifting

  • Improved oral health and therefore quality of life

  • Maintain the shape of your jaw and face

  • Ability to speak, eat and smile normally

  • Increased confidence

What Are Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge is a fixed appliance with artificial teeth to replace missing teet

Dental bridges are one of the options to replace missing teeth.

Dental bridges are permanent, prosthetic sets of teeth that can be placed in the mouth. They allow you to eat, drink, smile and talk like you normally would.

The color can be matched precisely to the teeth and they are made to fit to the bite and adjacent teeth. They look and feel like real teeth and they do not have to be removed like dentures.

How Do Dental Bridges Work?

Bridges are attached permanently to the surrounding teeth. They fill the gap between the teeth.

A dental bridge usually contains two crowns, and an artificial tooth in between the crowns. Your neighboring teeth are prepped to accommodate the bridge.

The crowns act as two anchors that hold the artificial tooth in the middle and held in place by the neighboring anchor teeth.