Home Care Instructions after Dental Appointments 

care after Dental Anesthesia / Dental freezing

Numbness of your lip, tongue or palate may persist for a few hours.  Do not, eat, chew gum or drink hot liquids until the anesthetic has worn off to avoid injury from unintentionally biting or burning oneself.

Care after Temporary Crown / Temporary Filling

 Here are a few simple recommendations to prevent complications and make yourself more comfortable after a temporary restoration is placed:

  • Discomfort; After the tooth has been prepared, you may experience some minor discomfort and sensitivity.  You can help reduce this by taking Advil OR Tylenol every four hours.

  • Cleaning; Do not floss the temporary crown or filling.  When brushing, be extra gentle with that area. Avoid sticky foods.    

  •  Dislodged Temporary Crown or Filling: Temporary fillings and crowns occasionally come out because they are meant to be removed easily when the permanent restoration is ready.  If it comes dislodged, call your dental office for a short visit and it  will  be re cemented or replaced.